Happy Birthday To Ruth Chimere As She Turns +1 Today


☆HAPPY¨*BIRTH√*¨´♫ •.☆ ♥♫ •☆.DAY♥.•°RUTH°¸.•*¨•´♫ • °¸.• ¨☆*♥¸.•*¨• ¸¸.•¨¯•.•..•¨*♪ ♥ *☆HAPPY*√BIRTH*¨DAY☆*»RUTH”¤’”~«


Happy birthday, Ruth. People like you should have two birthdays in a year.



You are a great person. You’ve shown how wonderful you are in more ways than can be counted. Many people, yours truly inclusive, are indebted to you. You’ve turned me into a true believer in humanity.

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Today is Ruth’s birthday! Let the mountains tumble into the sea, let the rivers overflow their banks, let the stars come out in the day to celebrate with us.

Happy birthday to you, Ruth dear. Permit me to borrow these prayers from the Bible:

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May God give you from heaven water on the grass in the early morning, and the riches of the earth, and more than enough grain and new wine. May nations serve you, and the people bow down in front of you. Be the ruler of your brothers/sisters. May your mother’s sons/daughter bow down in front of you. Cursed be those who curse you, and may good come to those who honour you.

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Many happy returns. Hbd Wullap

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